As we embark on the next phase of our growth plan, we are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Commercial Director, Geoff Slaughter. Geoff brings a great deal of management and industry experience having held senior roles within Canon and Samsung and we are pleased that he has chosen to bring his skills to BTS.

The experience in his previous roles will undoubtedly add value to our management team and introduce new and innovative ways of delivering an even better service to our clients. As well as growing our sales team he will be focussing his efforts on greater efficiencies and finding ways to make us more effective in our interaction and support of our customers.

Geoff said: “I am very pleased to have joined BTS. I spent a long time considering the next step in my career and wanted to be sure that any company I joined shared my values, which are focussed on delivering the best service and support available to our customers. In an age that is dominated by technology, artificial intelligence and automated processes, I have great belief in traditional values such as putting the customer first and not just winning deals, but creating long term partnerships that benefit both organisations.”

He continued: “If we are to be successful, we have to recognise and build on what differentiates us from our competitors. It’s not good enough to say that our customers like us or that we give good value. Customers expect far more. It’s about working with them and being part of their business, helping them reach their goals. I believe that if you are only interested in short term business, you will only ever be a supplier. My goal is to develop our business to become a trusted partner of our customers, the people they come to for advice and support. I want our customers to use our expertise, so that they can use their time to concentrate on their business, meaning that they will be more successful and that way, we all win.”

Geoff’s words echo our own core values, which are built around recognising the value and contribution of everybody in our team. Believing that if we train, support and motivate our people, they will be of greater value to our customers and make us more successful and more valued as a partner.