uniFLOW is a software platform designed to ensure businesses receive the maximum return on investment from their multifunctional printers (MFPs). The modular structure of this output management solution means the system can be built and adapted to suit the specific needs of any organisation: large corporations, small offices, education establishments, local governments, and print rooms.

It provides one single platform for all your print, scan, and device management, and is scalable to any size, providing flexibility regardless of your business type. For organisations with a mixed fleet of devices – and multiple brands, for example – uniFLOW is device-independent, so it’s compatible with any multifunctional device. Incorporating uniFLOW into your document processes will result in significant improvements in the control and efficiency of your MFPs.

Print from anywhere

Users of uniFLOW can submit print jobs from any location, whether it’s inside or outside the company network. Print jobs can be submitted from desktop PCs, laptops, host-based servers, mobile phones or tablets and they will be held securely in a personal print queue, saving time and increasing productivity.

Flexible authentication

In order to prevent unauthorised access to any of your devices, users can identify themselves at a device with a variety of methods including card login, username/password, PIN code, or job code. Each individual employee can be granted different access rights to various functions too, depending on their job role, for example.

Content tracing

According to a recent study, paper records were the second most significant source of data breaches, second only to losing a laptop or other device. uniFLOW handles this issue by using a Secure Audit Module to monitor all MFD activity and makes every job searchable by administrator/auditor to trace any leakage. This tool deters any future attempts to leak confidential documents outside your organisation.

Financial control

All printing, copying and scanning activity, and their associated costs, can be tracked and stored. The built-in reporting system allows any administrator or finance department to see and control how much each device and user is costing the company, and changes can be made accordingly.

Secure printing

Jobs can be held centrally on a print server and are only released when the user authenticates at the device, which is particularly reassuring where confidential business information or data is concerned. A user can go to any device in any location safe in the knowledge that their document/s will be printed securely, eliminating environmental and financial waste too.

Document capture and workflow

uniFLOW allows users to scan documents directly to email accounts, network folders or document management systems such as Microsoft® SharePoint® & Therefore™ in the form of highly compressed image files. With uniFLOW graphical workflow editor, administrators can decide what happens when any document is printed or scanned – archiving or capturing information from it, for example.

Mobile access

Perfect for businesses with remote workers, your employees can use their smartphones or tablets to submit and release any print job, regardless of where they are. Once submitted, it is managed securely and appears in that user’s personal secure print queue and be accounted for and charged correctly.

The benefits at a glance


Create users and set rules with the simple administrator interface

Reduce carbon footprint

Increase sustainability by cutting waste, energy and paper consumption

Boost productivity

Simple and easy to use, enabling businesses to work faster and smarter

Multi-device compatibility

Supports multi-vendor, mixed fleet environments

Manage costs

Easily track costs by device or user and create rules to minimise print expenses


There’s no need for any additional print servers as uniFLOW is located in the cloud


Suited to businesses of any size due to its modular design

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