In addition to our brand-new range of printers and scanners, we also offer a selection of used, refurbished and ex-demonstrator machines. These products have usually been returned to us from customers following leases or upgrades and are taken through a complete, in-depth reconditioning process by our team of engineers before we resell, rent or lease them.

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Each machine is stripped down to its chassis by one of our experienced technicians, who takes it through a series of comprehensive tests and treatments. The result? An efficient, working printer or scanner that’s as good as new in both appearance and functionality. We often find that refurbished products are a practical choice for businesses looking to make the shift from a shared system, seeking a cheaper alternative.

All of the printers and scanners that we refurbish have been maintained by us originally, so we know their history. The fact that they are ‘pre-owned’ means you will find there are some significant savings to be made by either purchasing or leasing one from us.

The benefits of buying a refurbished printer

Value for money – Refurbished models provide excellent value for money, with the same high performance and quality but at a lower cost than purchasing brand new. Every one of our refurbished machines is supplied with our standard warranty too, providing you with complete peace of mind if an issue was to arise.

Environmentally friendly – We know that businesses are making a more conscious effort to reduce waste and be kinder to the planet. By purchasing or leasing one of our refurbished printers, you are giving a used device a new purpose and avoiding it being thrown into landfill.

Trustworthy – It goes without saying that refurbished printers and scanners are older. However, we can guarantee that the technology they contain is still up to date and works to an excellent standard. We treat our recycled printers and scanners exactly the same as our new ones – they receive equal levels of servicing.

Cost-efficient – If you are trying to keep business costs down, a reconditioned printer is going to cost you significantly less than a brand new one. We pledge that all of our reconditioned machines have the same high-quality print functionality, having gone through

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