Therefore™ is a document management solution designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity in the workplace. The intelligent software revolutionises the way information is managed by transforming paper-based document and business processes into secure electronic records and digital workflows.

Why Therefore™?

It’s flexible, scalable and intuitive. Whether it’s used on premise or in the cloud and through single departments or multi-site enterprises, Therefore™ drastically reduces downtime. The platform’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it extremely simple for users to operate and it works for any organisation, from SMBs right through to large enterprises.

Achieving GDPR compliance

The software helps your business achieve GDPR compliance by enabling you to store, find and catalogue the personal data you retain and creates a more secure data environment. It features tools which let you simplify the monitoring and management of personal data within the system and assists you in meeting the GDPR’s reporting and assessment requirements.

An accurately configured, maintained and administered Therefore™ system ultimately helps you securely handle your company’s data – personal information, accounts data, operational sensitive documentation and just about everything else!  It also provides the required protection against data breaches.

Capture information

Import electronic information with simple manual or streamlined automatic importing options, and seamlessly save directly from third party software such as Microsoft Office. A Microsoft Exchange connector automatically secures and centralises strategic email communications too. Paper documents can be scanned and indexed directly from scanning devices and users can automatically classify and extract data with advanced scanning solutions.

Manage information

Update, refresh and manage information effectively across all areas of your business and work simultaneously on documents with your employees too. Easily track changes, assign tasks, and process information with workflows and seamlessly integrate with any third-party software too. You needn’t worry about complying with legal and regulatory requirements regarding confidentiality and document retention, as Therefore™ ™ will take care of this!

Analyse data

Its built-in reporting and analytic tools enable you to stay on top of the metrics that are important to your business. Analyse and immediately react to key performance indicators and schedule reports to be automatically generated at regular intervals set by you. Maintain full visibility, make insight-driven decisions and take advantage of audit trails on document and user actions for compliance with privacy and security regulations. Dynamic, real time dashboards make it easy to follow too.

Anywhere, anytime access

Therefore™ lets your business information move with you, with access from anywhere at any time. The search tool enables you to find a specific document based on its metadata or contents, regardless of where it’s saved in the system. You can access your information in the office or online remotely, and even edit documents offline and resynchronise them later. Sharing information is so easy whether the recipient is inside or outside of your organisation.

Automate processes

Streamline core business processes and drastically improve efficiency, visibility and consistency. Multiple people can work simultaneously on a process, for example, and the system saves the different changes in the background. The content connector continually saves and indexes information from folders, email inboxes, digital signature providers or cloud storage accounts, so the flow of information coming into your workplace is completely controlled.

The benefits at a glance


Suitable for businesses of any size


Supports single sign-on for Windows Active Directory, Windows Local Security and LDAP/SAMBA.


All data is fully compliant and backed-up.


Stored files can be retrieved quickly and easily from anywhere


Processes are automated, improving productivity and efficiency


Smart version control manages all of your files seamlessly


Works for businesses in any industry


Can be used with ERP, Outlook, SAP and more

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