Based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, Tasman Industries Ltd has been producing quality engineering components since 1988 and its team of 15 are experienced in the automotive and oil and gas industries. The company is dedicated to providing an efficient, flexible service and has recently built an e-commerce website to offer its products to a wider client-base online.



As an ISO 9O01 registered company, compliance is a high priority for Tasman Industries. Every product is supplied with a material certificate of conformity, which is kept as part of a permanent record. Due to a significant security drive, they needed these records to be safely archived to ensure they could not be easily accessed by anyone outside of the team.


We met with Tasman Industries and recommended that they integrated our Therefore software with their existing in-house ERP system, Sage 200. The software would enable them to automatically index documents and populate the metadata that is required for their Advice Notes, Sales Orders and Statements from the original Purchase Order. It would protect and safeguard against any manual data entry errors too.

The result

  • Paperless office
    Therefore has enabled Tasman Industries to become a paperless office.
  • Time-saving
    The software’s many tools and features help save considerable amounts of time.
  • Increased security
    Safeguards against manual data errors and securely stores all critical business and HR-related documents.
  • Flexibility
    Therefore integrates with their existing software and hardware systems.
  • Higher productivity
    Resulted in higher productivity levels, due to tools and functions that streamline processes.