The Hawthorns Primary School is a large primary school in Wokingham for girls and boys aged between five and 12. It currently enrols approximately 420 pupils and 50+ staff. The school’s Ofsted report in May 2017 stated that all staff and governors work hard to achieve the school’s vision: ‘belong, believe, achieve and grow.’


The cost of printing was considerably high each month, simply due to the fact staff and pupils weren’t monitoring their printing carefully! They wanted to save money, make staff and pupils more accountable for their own printing and reduce the amount of paper being wasted.


We had a historic relationship with staff at The Hawthorns Primary School and they contacted us to see how we could support them with a secure print solution that would support them in addressing the challenges mentioned above and give them more control.

We recommended Papercut, our print software which would enable the school to monitor and manage all of its printing. We also installed three replacement photocopiers (two colour and one black and white).

The result

  • Confidentiality
    There are no longer documents laying around, supporting GDPR compliance. Every single document is stored safely and securely and requires a password in order to access it.
  • Control
    Staff have complete control over theirs and their pupils printing activity and the reporting tool is effective for office use and budgeting purposes.
  • Awareness
    Staff are more aware of what they are printing and now consider whether it is 100 percent necessary. Papercut informs users of what a print job is going to cost too, which has really changed the general mind set.
  • Flexibility
    Staff and pupils have the option to collect their printing from three different locations around the school.