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Revolutionise Your Fabrics - from Culottes to Cushions

Photocopying onto paper is fun, open-ended and easy… but printing onto fabric is just that little bit more exciting! Whether you fancy making your own fabric to turn into a skirt, some curtains, or an unusual photo album cover, a photocopier is your number one friend. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the fabric of your choice.


1     - Choose an image

The fun thing about photocopying is that you can use anything you like – photos, plants from the garden, buttons, meaningful notes and cards, corners of books… anything! You can layer and compose them to look any way you want.


2     – Load the printer with printable fabric

Printable fabric usually comes with a backing on it. Make sure you have the fabric the right way round to ensure the image is produced onto the front. Try running a test sheet using some scrap paper.


3     – Hit copy!

If your fabric is in place and your image is how you want it, push the copy button and away you go. Watch your masterpiece be born!


4     – Aftercare

It is worth noting that the fabric will probably need treating to ensure the image stays. Your fabric will most likely come with instructions, such as to soak in cold water.


The fun thing about a photocopier is you can change the composition of your image at will. Experiment with what you’re making (you can always try it out on paper before you commit to fabric) and make something truly different. Get some friends round to make individual tote bags with things that remind you of each other, or collect your favourite images as a group to make a patchwork blanket you’ll treasure forever. The possibilities are endless.



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Author Bio: Dave Bairner presently holds the position of the Director at Business Technology Support Limited (BTS), a digital printing solution that helps people to find the perfect photocopiers to suit their requirements. For more information, reach Dave on Twitter (@ BTS) or Linkedin or Facebook.


Dave Bairner