Improving document workflow with Therefore™

You probably remember the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year? It was undoubtedly the biggest change in European data protection laws for more than 20 years, so definitely something most businesses won’t forget in a hurry. Since it was introduced, organisations have been forced to completely change how they store, manage and use personal data – managing and protecting documents has never been more important.

Naturally, following these changes, more and more businesses are reaping the benefits of document management software, which digitises paper files and organises them in a way that provides easy access for users. The many benefits of these systems include being able to continuously edit and update documents over time, whilst storing previous versions. 

We offer a number of different software solutions that revolutionise the way information is managed and shared within your business. No more missing documents and no time wasted looking for documents – just fast, efficient information flow that enables you to work more productively. In this week’s blog we’re focusing on Therefore™, which is a popular choice with our customers. Let’s find out why.

If you’re not familiar with Therefore™, in summary it is efficient document workflow software with a range of powerful features designed to transform the way you manage and share business documents. 

It’s been designed to help organisations improve efficiency and productivity, whilst decreasing the time spent on burdensome administrative tasks and paper intensive processes. This is achieved by transforming paper-based document and business processes into electronic records and digital workflows. The end result is improved productivity by giving employees’ more time to complete the rewarding work. 

Put simply, Therefore™ allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. It enables you to capture, organise and access fixed content, images, documents, reports and other business-critical information.

Key benefits 

  • Scalable
    Suitable for businesses of any size
  • Visibility
    Maintain an overview of your processes and track business-critical metrics
  • Secure
    All data is fully compliant and backed up
  • Accessible
    Stored files can be retrieved quickly and easily from anywhere
  • Automated
    Processes are automated, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Control
    Smart version control helps you manage all of your files seamlessly
  • Industry-wide
    Works for businesses in any industry 
  • Integrated
    Can be used with ERP, Outlook, SAP and more

Here’s how it works…

Capture your information
You can import electronic information with simple manual or streamlined automatic importing options; it also allows seamless saving directly from third party software, including Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Exchange connector automatically secures and centralises strategic email communications too. Paper documents can also be scanned and indexed directly from scanning devices and it’s even possible to automatically classify and extract data with advanced scanning solutions.

Manage information
You can update, refresh and manage information effectively across all areas of your business and work simultaneously on documents with internal or external employees too. Easily track changes, assign tasks, and process information with workflows and seamlessly integrate with any third-party software. You don’t even need to worry about complying with legal and regulatory requirements regarding confidentiality and document retention, as Therefore™ will take care of this! 

Access information
Let your business information move with you and access it from anywhere at any time. The search tool enables you to find a specific document based on its metadata or contents, regardless of where it’s saved in the system. You can access your information in the office or online remotely with Therefore™ Go, and Therefore™ Anywhere even allows you to edit documents offline and resynchronise them later. It makes it so easy for you to share information with those inside or outside your organisation.

Automate business processes 
Streamline your core business processes and drastically improve efficiency, visibility and consistency. For example, multiple people can work simultaneously on a process and the system saves the different changes in the background. The content connector continually saves and indexes information from folders, email inboxes, digital signature providers or cloud storage accounts, so the flow of information coming into your company is completely controlled.

Analyse data 
A number of built-in reporting and analytic tools enable you to stay on top of the metrics that are important to your business. You can analyse and immediately react to key performance indicators and schedule reports to be automatically generated at regular intervals set by you. Maintain full visibility, make insight-driven decisions and take advantage of audit trails on document and user actions for compliance with privacy and security regulations. Dynamic, real time dashboards make it easy to follow too! 

One of the things our customers love about Therefore™ is the fact it can be configured and customised to suit just about any specific need or process. We’ve received so much positive feedback about the software and how it has streamlined operations, increased productivity and resulted in higher customer satisfaction. 

You can find out more about Therefore™ here but we’d also recommend giving us a call today and we’ll tell you what it can do specifically for your business!