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Leasing and Finance

Printer Hire

BTS provides a number of attractive finance packages for our clients which can be custom designed for your requirements and budgets. Sometimes straight purchase of a device is a large capital outlay which cannot be accommodated, so many BTS clients enjoy equipment hire packages which are more suitable for their business model. This allows the aforementioned capital to be reinvested in other areas whilst still having immediate usage of devices through our competitive equipment hire rates.

We can devise renewable equipment hire contracts for as little as one day, ideal for business operations which are unable to commit to long term lease or straight purchase agreements. We provide longer term equipment hire options, which enables clients to upgrade when they need to, ensuring your document output solutions remain at the cutting edge. Our prices reflect our competitive edge and the manifold benefits of equipement hire can be further elaborated on by a member of our team.

Photocopier Leasing

By choosing one of our attractive equipment leasing packages, clients have access to the device immediately without the large capital outlay applicable with straight purchase. This option is ideal for clients requiring multiple devices within a network. Agreements can be made which include a custom designed financial package including maintenance on all devices covered under the equipment leasing agreement. This can be designed to coincide with your financial cycle, ensuring payments are planned in coordination with your cash flow.

Under equipment leasing agreements all payments can be offset against company profits creating tax benefits. Many of BTS clients have been in long term equipment leasing agreements, through our successful 20 year history, enjoy the manifold benefits including excellent service packages, custom designed payment plans and simple upgrades when technology is obsolete. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our equipment leasing agreements are transparent allowing for early settlement and upgrade within the leasing period.

MFD/Photocopier/Printer Leasing

Our beneficial finance packages are available on all devices including our range of multi functional printers. Our cutting edge MFD's can be accessed without incurring the considerable capital expenditure that would normally be associated when immediately obtaining a new document output device through attractive MFD leasing agreements. The flexibility of our MFD leasing agreements enables clients to offset expenditure of a device directly against its usage in line with cash flow, creating a measurable financial investment.

We pride ourselves on long standing business relationships with our clients, some of whom have been with us since BTS was formed 20 years ago. Our flexibility allows us to work with clients to ensure that finance agreements reflect their current financial situation, an essential benefit in such a tremulous turbulent climate. Our MFD leasing and photocopier leasing agreements make top of the range devices accessible to businesses who would otherwise find such technology unobtainable. For more information regarding any of our finance packages, contact a member of the BTS team today.