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Transform your hard copy documents into digital data quickly and easily, with IRISPowerscan™, a leading production capture system that offers full scalability. With support for more than 137 languages, the system’s advanced text recognition technology is perfect for international or multinational organisations that work with a variety of different languages.

The system’s multi-stream architecture, alongside an intuitive user interface makes IRISPowerscan™ ideal for capturing all kinds of documents – easily. A variety of output formats and multi-purpose document creation solutions mean that documents can be made to suit the specific needs of an organisation.

This system can be tailored in various ways to the needs of your scan workflow. A range of Canon solutions are available to help integration of IRISPowerscan™, while pre-existing customer solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can also be used for integrating this powerful system.


This solution converts and compresses documents and helps to speed up their transformation. Created to offer 24 hour batch processing, IRISDocument is able to run as a background application; an unattended, server based tool.

With the power to deliver up to 60,000 converted documents a day when used with IRISPowerscan, IRISDocument adds amazing speed and capacity to your operation. IRISDocument can also be used as a standalone tool, or be integrated into your pre-existing records/document management systems. Industry leading compression technology in the form of IRIS iHQC means files sizes during conversion can be reduced by up to 400 times – with no loss of quality.


This classification tool identifies documents by category or type with a view to assigning the file to the appropriate process. Following document assignation, the required data is extracted for the given business process, and then passed on to the required application, like an ERP, CRM, ECM, BPM or DBMS.

There are a variety of uses for IRISXtract, including processing finance and healthcare forms, capturing invoices, and classifying inward mail within digital mailroom tools.

In most cases this solution is integrated into a process, intermediating between two data sources. It can capture both hard copy and digital documents, and has an image and context-based classifying engine which can process structured as well as unstructured data and content.