In this week’s blog we’re exploring the benefits a managed print service (MPS) can offer your business, of which there are many!

In case you’re not familiar, a managed print service (MPS) takes care of all your print devices, from recommendation of machine type and installation to the updating of software and on-going maintenance. Overall, it saves time, increases efficiency, produces less waste paper, and can be streamlined to meet the specific needs of your business.

So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits in more detail…

Reduce your carbon footprint

Many organisations underestimate the impact their print activity has on the environment. With a managed print service you can reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint dramatically.

Our solutions feature embedded software that runs on your copier/MFD and tracks information directly from the device’s panel. The detailed reporting helps determine the impact your business is having on the environment; you might discover you’re using considerably more paper than you thought, for example, and use the information to make the necessary changes in your office.

It’s about more than just paper too, reducing the amount of electricity and print consumables you use are also part of being a responsible business and improving your carbon footprint. An MPS will consider these factors as well and will help ensure your business is operating in the most environmentally friendly way.

Improve security of your information

Information security is more important than ever, particularly since the GDPR came into force in May 2018. An MPS can help alleviate any security threats, with features including a tool that lets you print sensitive documents to network printers, but only releases them when the user is physically standing in front of the printer.

The reporting tools produced by a managed print service can identify print and IP security risks your organisation faces. Your provider can then alleviate those risks with a tailored print security plan, which may include recommending printer sign-in procedures or waste disposal and document management tools.

As part of our MPS, we also take care of security updates and changes to firmware for our customers, reducing the pressure on them from more threats out there and greater penalties for data breaches, that’s good news for businesses of every size.

Increase productivity

Efficiency is always a top priority in the workplace and we all know that printing can directly affect your organisation’s productivity, with inefficient, ageing printers often proven to be prone to breakdowns, resulting in downtime.

A managed print service can dramatically improve the overall productivity of your business. Firstly, it allows businesses to maintain a modern print fleet, so you’ll no longer have ten-year-old printers which regularly breakdown and create downtime for employees who spend time trying to fix the problems. Your print fleet will be refreshed regularly, with new technology, additional print functions, lower operating costs, and a reduction in breakdowns.

Another benefit of using a managed print provider is that your fleet of devices will be standardised, with the same brand and models. Not only does this have many benefits where cost management is concerned, but it also helps to improve business productivity. A standardised print fleet means your employees are familiar with the devices and know how to operate them, change toners, and undertake general tasks.

Finally, with a managed print service plan there will be an agreement in place with your provider, which usually covers an agreed level of service, such as printer breakdown response times, which can severely impact productivity.

Save money

Perhaps the benefit that will appeal to businesses the most…the cost-saving one!

Most businesses don’t have an accurate figure for their printing costs, because they’ll only consider the costs of physical goods and servicing. There are also the indirect costs that businesses should most definitely factor in – lost productivity, maintenance and downtime, for example.

With managed print solutions, you can calculate an accurate cost for all your print activity. By understanding the small detail, it will quickly become clear where savings can be made. An MPS will devise an efficient strategy to monitor and manage equipment and consumables, which could save your organisation a considerable amount of money. This is usually achieved by consolidating supplies, automating consumable replacements, reducing outsourcing costs and optimising equipment placement.

Here at BTS, we are experts in managed print, our team would be happy to help you create a clear strategy and recommend the most cost-effective and efficient option for your business. We’ve helped many of our customers save up to 30% and could do the same for you. Let’s have a chat.