We were recently approached by Ian Manners, co-captain of Bracknell 3rd Squash Team, who was keen for us to sponsor their team and have our logo on the front of their shirts. Ian also happens to be our customer at Zenith Canopy Structures, who we have been supplying with print, document management, IT and telecoms solutions for more than 20 years.

Bracknell 3rd Squash Team

Speaking of his decision, our Company Director, David Bairner said, “I decided to sponsor the Bracknell 3rdSquash Team as they play in the Berkshire Leagues on a fortnightly basis, all year in the Winter Leagues and also during the Summer. As a business based in Bracknell we do everything we can to support the local community, so it was most definitely a yes from us!”

 The team entered the annual Jersey Squash Festival in St Helier at the beginning of October, finishing 3rd in their division, which is an incredible achievement. The event has huge significance in Jersey’s sporting calendar and 40 years of support from UK and international teams is a testament to the popularity, camaraderie and gamesmanship the sport continues to generate.

We’re excited to be involved and look forward to seeing what the future holds.