This week’s blog focuses on our device management software, eMaintenance. With eMaintenance you can proactively manage your entire fleet of printers and automate many of the time-consuming tasks that are required to administer your network devices. Using Canon’s Remote Diagnostics System (RDS), eMaintenance provides all the information any business could possibly need about all of their connected devices. Features include real-time updates via a standard internet browser; so if, for example, the number of paper jams exceeds a given number, a customer is alerted by email.

Simultaneously, the RDS communicates a fleet of MFDs, So if any error occurs, an MFD will be notified the minute it happens and will be able to respond faster than ever before. We get the message, you get the service. The system will immediately send an alert if a fault occurs, or when a Canon MFD is not performing according to pre-determined conditions.

Even consumables management can be automated. eMaintenance automatically assesses when toner levels are running low and places a re-order request directly with the relevant service centre. That means no more frustrations caused by lack of toner and no more stockpiling. We’ve pulled out some of the key benefits that eMaintenance offers:

  • End-to-end security, inside and out
    Security is of course a priority for your business. eMaintenance simplifies it by working with your existing email and online security systems to ensure watertight encryption & SSL.
  • Increase productivity with decreased downtime
    Are you worried about MFD downtime impacting your productivity? With eMaintenance, the performance of your fleet is permanently monitored. Intercepting issues before they become problems.
  • Keep your fleet healthy and your productivity high
    Device downtime is a productivity killer. Canon’s Remote Diagnostic System (RDS) monitors the health of all your devices and alerts you and Canon the moment an MFD experiences performance issues.
  • Take a hands-off approach to administration
    Is manual administration taking up too much of your time? eMaintenance sends MFD data for you, which cuts down on counter reporting errors and ensures accurate billing of service.

eMaintenance automates the whole process, allowing timely and accurate meter readings to be passed seamlessly across the internet, without any administration involved.

Save costs, reduces administration time and benefit from more time to focus on those pressing business matters. Find out more here or give one of our team a call.