We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve rebranded and today we can finally reveal our new logo and website! Drumroll, please…

BTS logo

Our new logo features a modern arrow with depth and shading, which is counter-balanced by the clean and elegant text. The arrow is indicative of movement and our forward-thinking approach in the marketplace, while the vibrant orange makes an impact and ensures we stand-out from our competitors.

As part of the rebrand we’ve launched a new website with a modern, clean design and intuitive navigation that enables our customers to easily find information on our products and solutions. Its responsive design dynamically resizes to work in any browser, so no matter what device you are using the site will appear as a miniaturised version of the desktop version.

Why the change?

BTS has been around for 26 years and we’ve come a long way in that time. The business has evolved, and we felt that our brand didn’t necessarily reflect who we are anymore. Originally, our focus was solely on printing, but we’ve expanded our offering to cover IT, document management and telecoms too. Our new website tells this story and our logo reflects our innovative approach.

On the inside, everything remains the same. Our focus hasn’t changed, and we still provide the same great solutions and products, we just wanted our visual identity to echo the fact that we’ve moved forward and continue to do so.

It goes without saying, we’re thrilled with our new look, but it’s your opinion that matters to us most. Have a look around the website and let us know what you think. And of course, if you’d like to find out more about any of our solutions and products, get in touch!