The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C356i III is our hero product in this week’s blog! This compact multifunctional printer has been designed to suit the needs of small to medium businesses, offering benefits such as an exceptional user experience and a number of intelligent features for optimising workflows.

With print speeds of 35 pages per minute (PPM) in colour and mono, this innovative machine is part of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE third generation portfolio, an intelligent business platform built to complement every stage of the document life cycle. These devices are proven to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency, meet security and environmental needs, and perhaps most importantly, control costs and optimise the return on investment!

Aside from the fact it features print, copy, scan, send, store and optional fax functionality, there are so many more reasons this is a popular choice with our customers. Let’s take a look at why this A4 printer is having such a positive impact on so many businesses…


  • Its user interface is a touchscreen panel, which operates in the same way as a smartphone, enabling users to navigate easily and seamlessly across a number of menus.
  • This is supported by My ADVANCE, the personalisation tool that gives users the option to customise the screen and a number of settings and functions to suit individual preferences, such as language.

Improved productivity

  • A built-in motion sensor detects when a person approaches the machine and automatically exits Sleep mode, reducing the time that can often be wasted waiting for the printer to wake up!
  • This device also features Multiple Sheet Feed Detection, which means when multiple sheets are fed together during scanning, the frustration of missed pages is prevented.
  • When the time comes for replacing consumables, you can watch easy-to-follow instructional videos on the panel display screen, which is convenient for users and reduces any potential downtime.

Outstanding quality

  • The iR ADV C356i III offers a number of functions designed to ensure that images are as crisp and clear as possible. V2 Colour technology maximises the capability of the device and toner to deliver a vivid and vibrant appearance.
  • Businesses using this device often tell us that they achieve more satisfying results with their printing as a result of the corrective functions too, which include gradation adjustment and density correction.

Increased connectivity

  • If you have separate machines in different departments or on different floors in your office, this machine lets you create a dual network environment through both wired LAN or wireless LAN.This significantly contributes to reduced costs as it removes the need for installing a different machine for each network.
  • A visual message function is available on the control panel, which allows the sharing of content and messages on the screen, set by the administrator.
  • For your mobile workers, a wireless LAN is built into this machine, enabling users to connect any computer or mobile device to it. So, data saved in a mobile device can be printed from the machine or vice versa, the machine can be used to scan data to a mobile device.

Trusted security

  • Data security continues to be a huge priority for businesses and Canon has taken this into consideration by building in many functions that help to ensure your information does not become compromised.
  • Have you ever left forgotten to pick up your original document after scanning? It’s not a problem with this MFP as an error tone will sound and a message will appear on the touch panel to notify you if you forget to retrieve your document. In addition, an indicator will notify you during and after scanning via the feeder, so forgotten documents are a thing of the past!
  • In addition to printing logs for sending and receiving (communication management reports), you can also save reports as CSV files and manage them on a computer.
  • You can digitise and save any sent documents and automatically save them in a specified folder. Information related to sending is automatically added to the file name, enabling you to effectively manage all of your faxes.
  • It’s also possible to control who has access to the device via a login service such as Picture Login authentication.

Environmentally friendly

  • The combination of fusing technologies and low-melting-point toner helps lower overall energy consumption by minimising power requirements and reducing energy use during warm-up and standby modes.
  • A power-saving feature means the device switches to Sleep mode or Energy Saver mode when it’s not in use. It also lets users save power further by only starting up the functions you require when the copier wakes up from Sleep mode.

We know from talking to our customers every single day that many businesses still remain unaware of the true cost of print management and information management. This multifunctional printer has been specifically designed to guarantee cost savings and maximise your return on investment. Talk to our team today to get a quote! You can also download a brochure and the technical specification here.