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THEREFORE Document Management

THEREFORE Document Management

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Therefore is a document management system that will revolutionise how your employees store documents, as well as how they search and find these documents.

For many organisations a combination of storage systems are used. Windows Explorer is very common, with a sound and logical structure – but one that can get used differently depending on team, department or user. Email inboxes are another frequently used data storage and retrieval system, but one that also differs from user to user, and differs from Windows. Physical filing cabinets also play a big role, even in the most advanced company, but again, the way they are used by different parts of the company can vary a great deal. USB sticks tend to be used to keep personal copies of documents.

The combination of using all or some of these systems can mean that your document security is very low, and that keeping track of the most up to date files becomes very difficult indeed. Loss, theft, accidental deletion, unauthorised access – these are some of the risks faced by such a varied use of storage and retrieval systems.

When organisations get very large, these hierarchical tree systems can make it hard for all your employees to keep track of documents, since everyone has different ways of organising and labelling their documents. Additionally, the practice of keeping copies of documents in different storage types (email, USB etc.) can make it challenging to know who has the latest version of a document.

Therefore asks two simple questions about a document:

What type of document is it?

Which labels do you wish to use to identify your document?

Therefore enables you to tag a document using the display of an MFP, before it gets stored in the Therefore management system. Equally, this sort of tagging can be done from practically any desktop application.

This system of labels dispenses with the hierarchical tree system, and means those with the appropriate access rights can retrieve the document from its centrally stored location. Store, search, distribute and secure documents from one single location.

Additional features

  • Document workflows 

  • Batch-scanning

  • Email-archiving

  • Document security

  • Able to automatically capture document output from information systems

  • Disaster storage on secure media

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