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eCopy ShareScan 

With ShareScan Suite software, office workers can use their multifunction peripherals (MFPs) to scan documents securely and seamlessly into business applications that support electronic business processes. It provides a consistent, easy to use interface across any capture device, promoting user adoption and increasing the value of enterprise hardware and business software investments. 

The software offers native integration to leading document management, e-mail, fax, database, collaboration, and cost recovery software applications.

eCopy ShareScan is available as both a product that will run inside your copier, eCopy embedded, or as an external piece of hardware that attaches to your copier, the eCopy ScanStation.

  • Scan and Mail delivers scanned documents using your existing e-mail system. eCopy ShareScan includes complete native integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or Lotus Notes, so users giving access to existing server-based address lists and the ability to send documents from their personal mail account directly from the scanning device. ShareScan also supports SMTPmail servers, with LDAP address book integration available.
  • Scan and Fax delivers documents by fax using your existing network fax application or print driver. eCopy ShareScan can work with any fax server that uses a Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes gateway, and offers native integration with Captaris RightFax. Internet fax services are also supported, so you can send and receive faxes by e-mail, without requiring any fax hardware.
  • Scan to Desktop delivers scanned documents to your personal scan inbox. From here you can retrieve them using the eCopy Desktop™ client software, which provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that enables users to manage, modify and share Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents the same way they handle paper-based information at their desktops.
  • eCopy Quick Connect sends scanned documents to a network folder or FTP site, where they can be retrieved by applications using a release script or other automated fi le acquisition method. eCopy Quick Connect offers confi gurable fi le naming, file batching, indexing, and custom “scan to” buttons on the eCopy touch screen, with no programming required.
  • Scan to Printer sends scanned documents to a remote printer anywhere on your local or wide area network.
  • Scan to SharePoint sends documents to your Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server using configurable workflows and lets you specify column information (metadata).
  • Numerous additional “Connector” products are available from eCopy and third parties to support integration with various document management systems and other backend applications.