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Canon A4 Desktop Printer Sale - Save Money & Reclaim Your Desk Space!

Save £££s, Cut Costs and Reclaim Your Desk Space – Canon A4 Desktop Printer Sale!


Say no to desk clutter, and yes to desk topFengShui. That’s right, you could bring happiness and harmony to your work space with one simple purchase – the Canon Desktop iRC1028i/iF - now only £695.00 at BTS!


This petite office printer has jaw-dropping dimensions - just 54.6 cm wide 52.7 cm deep and 62.7 cm high. That is about the size of a small potted plant, an average sized collection of office cups and maybe the size of your ‘to-do by 5pm’ pile.


A compact physique is not the only thing that this Canon Desktop A4 colour printer has going for it either – it is fast and energy efficient! So, not only do you save £££s on your purchase, you save on your running costs, and you free up enough time to get through your tasks without having to wait for the printer to do its job!


Canon iRC1028i/iF:


Fast: Capable of printing 28 pages per minute


Energy Efficient: Sleep mode and uniFLOW output manage - keeping an eye on usage so you don’t have to


Compact: W:546 mm D:527 mm H:627 mm


This wonderful machine quite possibly has the potential to be the best investment you made, bringing efficiency to the office space, which in turn brings a sense of calm.


Although getting in a tea round is not one of its strong points, we think that the Canon Desktop iRC1028i/iF deserves a chance to prove its hard working capabilities in your office environment  – why not give us a call today to see how this printer will get on with the rest of your team?


Canon A4 Desktop Printer just £695.00 at BTS – call now on 01344 303200