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5 Amazing Photocopier Art Projects

Specialising in Photocopier Art, also known as Xerox art is a discipline many creatives have found enticing. Here are a few ideas for projects you can do yourself. Great for a bit of fun at home, or part of an educational project.


(Above: Image by ilovebutter)


Self Portrait

For an unusual selfie, use a photocopier instead of a camera to ‘take’ a picture of yourself. Make sure you keep your eyes shut, and your head still – and maybe ask someone to help by pressing the button for you!


The Pocket Project

Take part in this great project! All you need to do is empty the contents of your pocket or bag onto a photocopier, shut the lid, hit scan and then share your image with the world! This is great fun with a bunch of friends or as a class, it generates some great discussion afterwards!


Make a Montage

Cut images out of a magazine, collect scraps of material and other things from around the home and make an image on the bed of the copier. Hit scan and see what your creation looks like – chances are it will be surreal and ‘other worldly’. Flowers, leaves and petals work really well!


Personalised Wrapping Paper

Nothing shows you care more than something handmade, why not make your own wrapping paper using the montage method. Cut out letters, or get scrabble squares to spell out the name or to write ‘happy birthday’ for example, arrange on the photocopier bed and add pictures of the recipient, family or friends for an extra personal touch! Then press print, and get wrapping.


Experiment With Movement

You can create some excellent distorted images with a photocopier. Place your hand at the top of the scanner bed, hit the go button and as the scanner moves along, pull your hand a long with it, stopping when the heel of your hand reaches the other end. When the scan is completed, you’ll end up with an image of your hand with really long fingers!


The Xerox Art movement has been going strong since colour photocopiers became commonplace, in about 1978, and the key to it’s continuation is experimentation. So, put your thinking caps on and get playing with your photocopier to see what you can come up with.



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