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3 Amazing DIY Photo Gift Ideas

Handmade gifts are all the rage right now, but if the idea of sewing, knitting or crochet sends you into a creative panic – why not make a personalised gift using your photos and some special paper!


Shrinky Dink Earrings

To make a simple pair of earrings all you need to do is print your chosen image onto some ‘shrinky dink’ paper. This is a special plastic sheet that shrinks, thickens and hardens when heated in an oven.

To ensure that the special paper passes through your printer or copier glue or tape edges the edges to a sheet of normal copier paper.

Choose an image (bear in mind the final product will be around 9 times smaller) and print as many as needed onto the paper.

Next, cut out your image and make a hole at the top with a hole punch.

Bake according to the paper manufacturers instructions.

After baking and once the shrinkies have cooled down, you can attach your earring hook. Et Voila! Earrings made from a photo!


Bake On Waterslide Decal Mug

You can personalise an ordinary ceramic mug easily with a sheet of waterslide decal paper (make sure you get the bake-on variety to make it dishwasher proof) and a printer or photocopier.

Simply choose your image, photocopy it or print it from your computer onto the textured side of the sheet. Waterslide decal paper made by Lazertran has been specially developed for use with an inkjet printer.

Simply cut out your image, soak in cold water for 30 seconds and then slide onto your mug.

Once fixed, follow the baking instructions according to the brand of decal printer paper you have, wait to cool and then marvel at your new creation!


Fabric Transfer Cushion Cover

To make this great gift, you will need some special iron-on fabric transfer paper and a readymade cotton cushion cover.

As with the other projects, all you need to do is print your image from a computer, or photocopy an image you already have onto the special paper.

Next cut around the image and place it on the fabric. Follow the manufacturers instructions to fix the image onto the fabric. This usually involves a tea towel and a very hot iron.

For best results, keep the iron moving to prevent scorching.

When finished, peel off the protective paper and your cushion cover is ready!


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