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Helix Production Workflow

Specially created for print service providers, Helix Production Workflow is a productivity-enhancing management and workflow solution that reduces costs and saves money at every stage of the printing process.

Key Features

  • Intuitive and flexible
  • Fast, easy ordering
  • WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) document layout tools 
  • Flexible pricing modules 
  • Job tracking in real time 
  • Reporting and billing accuracy
  • Excellent cost controls 
  • Integrate with Fusion Pro VDP software - optional
  • Online variable data templates 
  • Able to link to 3rd party data conversion software (with included data connector)
  • Highly secure payment 

Print Consumers – main benefits

Quick and easy to use – send print jobs over internet or network connection by way of file upload or job ticket completion, or alternatively by document selection from online library.

Intuitive user interface – Easy to use thanks to flexible configuration settings. Language, delivery and personal data can all be specified.

Real time tracking and print job status information – print jobs and their status can be viewed by customers, and cancelled if that option is enabled. Access to complete order history also available.

Print Providers – main benefits 

Total job visibility – Powerful management which means you can configure your workflow and user interface with ease, enabling you to have complete control over each and every customer’s print jobs.

Improved print room management – You can control and co-ordinate every available device centrally, meaning you can ensure your resources are as productive as possible. Support for load balancing and colour split across print resources.

Make your customer service even better – with just a click of a button, your customers can send big print jobs to you, meaning time and money savings. Reduce customer call-backs, mistakes and expensive re-prints with digital job ticketing. 

Straightforward document preparation and processing – you can now carry out late-stage document editing. WYSIWYG manipulation tools enable you to modify content, layout and media selection quickly and easily. Manual operations and the risk of mistakes can be reduced a great deal by way of standardised workflows and processes which can be automated with the use of definable ‘hot folders’.

Print to one, or multiple printers – manually or automatically select which output devices to use. 

Keep your costs under control – accurate and powerful reporting and billing ensures you have the ability to deliver customer reports and detailed costings, with ease.

Many CRM, ERP and MIS applications can be linked to with Helix Production Workflow. Optional extras such as additional shop fronts and other features can be added if needed.

Leading security technology for on-line payment – pricing can be viewed instantly, with the ability to take payment quickly by debit or credit card – or on account.

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