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eCopy - ShareScan

eCopy - ShareScan

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eCopy ShareScan

The eCopy ShareScan range of document imaging software leads the way in application connectivity, ease of use, intelligent workflow processing and security. This software enables your team to utilise Canon devices in order to transform paper documents into digital data that integrates seamlessly with a wide range of workflow, collaborative, communication and business applications.

Key products within the eCopy ShareScan family:

eCopy ShareScan Suite:

eCopy ShareScan Suite is central to the eCopy range, and is the key scan-to-process solution from Canon. This solution ensures you can scan, extract, classify, convert and index paper data into a digital format that can be passed through the communication conduits of your business with ease. This ultimately means you can complete jobs directly from your device.

eCopy ShareScan Office:

eCopy ShareScan Office is perfect for document archival and collaboration as needed on a daily basis, whereby paper documents can be transformed into digital data with supreme ease. Integrate your hard copy data with your back end archives simply, and avoiding the manual entering of data as well as hard copy file organisation.

eCopy ShareScan Elements:

Larger clients tend to benefit most from this package, aimed at those organisations that wish to take advantage of ShareScan’s powers through their entire operation. A central scanning platform for the whole business, it offers real flexibility and functionality.

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