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Canon Wide Format imagePROGRAF iPF825

Canon Wide Format imagePROGRAF iPF825

Tech Spec

Class 44-inch
Ink Type Dye and pigment reactive ink: BK, MBK, C, M, Y
Maximum Print Resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi
Printing Speed Plain Paper (A0 Roll): 0.45 (Draft Mode)
1.16 (Standard Mode)
Coated Paper (A0 Roll): 1.16 (Draft Mode)
2.29 (Standard Mode)
3.38 (High Quality Mode)
Dimensions, Weight iPF815: Main unit with printer stand and standard basket 1,893 (W) x 975 (D) x 1,144 (H) mm 
Weight: approx. 138 kg 
(incl.: Roll Holder Set; excl.: ink and print head) 
iPF825: Main unit with printer stand, lower roll, and high capacity basket 1,893 (W) x 1291 (D) x 1,144 (H) mm 
Weight: approx. 189 kg
(incl.: Roll Holder Set; excl. ink and print head)
Power Supply Input power: AC 100 - 240 V (50 - 60 Hz) 
Power consumption Operation: 190 W or less 
Standby power consumption 100 V - 120V 5 W or less 
(At the low power mode) 220 V - 240 V 6 W or less 
Power off (standby) "1 W or less"
Operational Environment Temperature: 15 - 30°C, Humidity: 10 - 80 % (Condensation free)
Acoustic Noise Acoustic pressure 
Operation: approx. 52 dB (A) 
Standby: 35 dB (A) or less 
Acoustic power (LWAd) 
Operation: 6.8 Bels or less
Minimal Line Width 0.02mm (Theoretical value)
Line Accuracy +/-0.1% (Conditions apply)
Operation Panel Display Display Large LCD: 160 x 128 dots, LED x 5, Key x 12 
Language on operation panel: US-English, Japanese 
Displayable Language on LCD: US-English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese (Kanji)
Hard Disk 160GB
Printer Language GARO (Graphic Arts language with Raster Operations), HP-GL/2, HP RTL
Interface Hi Speed USB Type: Built-in 
Mode: Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mbit/sec), Bulk transfer
Connector Type: Series B (4 pins)
Ethernet Type: Built-in 
Standard: IEEE 802.3 10base-T 
IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX/IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX/Auto-Negotiation/IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex
Protocol: IPX/SPX(Netware 4.2 (J), 5.1 (J), 6.0 (J))
SNMP (Canon-MIB), HTTP, TCP/IP, AppleTalk
Memory 32 GB (Physical DRAM: 384 MB)
Model PF-03
Type Bubble-jet on demand
Head Configuration 6 colors integrated type (6 chips per print head x 1 print head)
Nozzle Pitch 1200 dpi x 2
Nozzle per chip MBK: 5, 120 nozzles, each other color: 2, 560 nozzles
Droplet size 4 pl per color
Model PFI-303: BK, MBK, C, M, Y (330 ml)
PFI-703: BK, MBK, C, M, Y (700 ml)
Roll Paper iPF815: 1 roll (Front-loading, Front Output), iPF825: 2 rolls (Front-loading, Front Output)
Cut sheet Front-loading, Front Output (Manual feed using media locking lever)
Media Type Matte Coated Paper 90gsm
Glossy Photographic Paper 190gsm
Glossy Photographic Paper 240gsm
Satin Photographic Paper 240gsm
HW Glossy Photo Paper
HW Satin Photo Paper
Commercial Proofing Paper
Glossy Photographic Paper 270gsm
Satin Photographic Paper 270gsm
Standard Paper1569B 80g
Standard Paper1570B 90g
Matt Coated Paper
Extra Matt Coated Paper
Opaque Paper
Matt Coated Paper 140g
Hi Res Graphic Paper
Photo paper Pearl 260g
Glossy Proofing Paper 195g
Semiglossy Proofing Paper 195g
Semiglossy Proofing Paper 255g
Hi Res Barrier Paper
Media size Roll paper (Width) ISO A3, A2, A1, A0 
JIS B2, B1, B0 
ARCH 24", 30", 36" 
Others 10", 14", 16", 17", 42", 44" 
Cut sheet ISO A4, A3, A3+, A2, A2+, A1, A0, B4, B3, B2, B1, B0 
DIN C4, C3, C2, C1, C0 
JIS B4, B3, B2, B1, B0 
ANSI 8.5 x 11", 8.5 x 14", 11 x 17", 13 x 19", 17 x 22", 22 x 34", 28 x 40", 34 x 44" 
ARCH 9 x 12", 12 x 18", 18 x 24", 24 x 36", 26 x 38", 27 x 39", 30 x 42", 36 x 48" 
Photo 20 x 24", 18 x 22", 14 x 17", 12 x 16", 10 x 12", 10 x 15", 8 x 10", 16 x 20" (US Photo size) 
Poster 20 x 30", 30 x 40", 42 x 60", 44 x 62", 300 x 900 mm 
Others 13 x 22"
Media Thickness 0.07 - 0.8 mm
Maximum outside diameter of Roll Paper 150.0 mm
Media Core Size Internal diameter of roll core: 2" / 3"
Media Width Roll paper 254 - 1,118 mm 
Cut sheet 203 - 1,118 mm
Minimal Printable Paper Length 203 mm
Maximum Printable Paper Length Roll paper 18 m (Varies according to the OS and application)
Cut sheet 1.6 m
Margins (Top, Bottoms, Sides) Recommended area: 
Roll paper: Top: 20 mm, Bottom: 5 mm, Side: 5 mm
Cut sheet: Top: 20 mm, Bottom: 23 mm, Side: 5 mm
Printable area:
Roll paper: Top: 3 mm, Bottom: 3 mm, Side: 3 mm
Roll paper (borderless): Top: 0 mm, Bottom: 0 mm, Side: 0 mm
Cut sheet: Top: 3 mm, Bottom: 23 mm, Side: 3 mm
Media Width for Borderless Printing 515mm (JIS B2), 1,030 mm (JIS B0), 594mm (ISO A1), 841mm (ISO A0), 10", 14", 17", 24", 36", 42"
Printer Stand ST-44
Media Take up Unit TU-06
Portable Media Basket BU-03
Roll Holder Set RH2-44
Ink Tank PFI-303: BK, MBK, C, M, Y (330 ml)
PFI-703: BK, MBK, C, M, Y (700 ml)
Print Head PF-03
Maintenance Cartridge MC-09

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Looking for a large format printer that fits in with the most demanding CAD & GIS environments? Look no further than the 44” imagePROGRAF iPF825 Large Format Printer – providing superb quality and ease-of-use at high speeds.

Key Features

  • “Hot Swap” ink tanks – in-print ink changing
  • High speed printing
  • Economy option
  • 5 colour reactive inks
  • Ultra-precise detail with thin, sharp lines
  • Complete with 160Gb HDD
  • Enhanced HP-GL/2 support
  • HP-RTL and HDI driver
  • Keep track of costs with accounting software

Additional Information

Whether for print for pay or large business environments, this device is ideal for a wide range of CAD and GIS applications. Amazing line reproduction, fantastically vivid colours, wonderful image consistency and the in-printing ‘hot swap’ ink change feature make this one of the most advanced 44” printers in the world today.

Superb quality and accuracy

Super fine heads with 15,360 nozzles deliver amazing 2,400 x 1,200 dpi prints that give you vivid colours and sharp, thin lines. At its core is a 5-colour dye-and-pigment reactive ink technology that offers an accuracy range of +/- 0.1%  and a minimum line width of an incredible 0.02mm.

A highly productive investment

The iPF825 delivers draft A0 prints in only 45 seconds, and A1 in only 24 seconds. This high speed printing capability is complimented with productivity enhancing features like ‘hot swap’ high capacity ink tanks, which can be changed during printing. This device also saves you time with borderless printing; no trimming required. An optional take-up unit is also available for large runs. 

Keeping costs down and quality high

The built in accounting feature enables you to keep track of your overall printing costs as well as your per-print cost. This data can be viewed through the driver, or can be exported as a CSV. An economy mode also helps you keep costs down – perfect for draft prints.

For high end CAD workflows

The iPF825 will fit in seamlessly with your CAD workflow, and will process big files easily with HP-GL/2 support. A Windows HDI driver is packaged with the iPF825, and the HP-RTL format is also supported.

Complete with 160Gb HDD for easy use

Harness the power of the in-built 160Gb HDD – which enables you to create mailboxes when using the device across numerous users. This is of great use in larger businesses. The big, simply designed user interface makes operation even easier.

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